New Poem: Answers to a Heartbeat

This poem was written as an inspirational response to

Answers to a heartbeat

My heart aches too, it beats and laments
Longing to hear you, for all to make sense
I wish to be one, our souls bound to chance
Taking the steps and making the dance

With walks in the park, I feel the eyes linger
My mind races fast with the brush of a finger
I feel you are closer as seasons fade on
And I’ll sooner regret not to sing you our song

To protect and to hold you I wish it the most
To see your heart flutter will give my heart hope
I’ll take all you cary and help you survive
All the demons that wander your mind in the night

And when we retire to magical seams
I’ll hold you so tightly and guard you in dreams
We will both share a sigh and know how we feel
That every sweet moment of ours is now real

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