Scented Meadows in the Fall

Scented Meadows in the Fall


Of late it seems the needle threads

The pedals of the rose in bed

And pricked, her finger shall remain

From lost encounters hiding pain


The tears subside within the book

And those who ponder dare not look

Instead they seek to heed to call

Of scented meadows in the fall


The spirits pass her swiftly now

As she dares gander at his vow

The beauty in his words sublime

Too late it seems they met their time


The earth engulfs the final truth

And yet it leaks from sweetened tooth

As fates surrender power gained

Her silky sheets must be sustained


And all the leaves will warm her heart

As the storyteller falls apart

And this she knows will pass in time

When ink sits still next to the wine


New Poem: Champagne



On a windy cliff of growing grass

A promise locks itself too fast

Vows partake as eyes meet truth

And mystery is present too


Sweet thoughts pervasive, hands entwine

Our future swirling, drowned in wine

And we hold vows so near and true

When times of snow instills the blue


Two words pray tell our song of love

And guests rejoice the sky above

Another vow of song and dance

Mistakes our hearts in loving trance


Impressive glows from bands entice

Past darkness breaks as lust hits thrice

And some would say to we that wed

To fear the ghosts that leave our bed


Alas we promise love and life

We vow to wake our hearts and thrive

We promise here to heed the calls

Of our souls that long for cliffs and falls

New Poem: The Whispers of Nature

The Whispers of Nature


Seek out the warmth of my soul

And bathe in the embers of my love

Rest now your heart and heal its wounds

From the lashes of our caressing lust


Recover from the words unspoken

And breathe in the cold summer sky

Forget the writing in the water

Lest you wish to say goodbye


Fear not the whisper of the trees

Their fruit may yet surprise our youth

Sever your connection to the moon

This you must do to learn the truth


Invoke the melody of our aura

As our minds consume the distance

Let not the eons hasten our insanity

From the lack of meaningful existence


Alas, my words shan’t go unneeded

Like the prophet’s writing on the wall

Be careful where you step in darkness

Your love is not yet ready for the fall

New Poem: Starlight Council

Starlight Council


Do not attempt to hide your eyes from beauty that betrays you

Invoke our gift into your hands and bless those on the bed

A simple touch is all it takes for us to lust for nightfall

And silver tongues caress our senses, taming all that wed


Allow the light to guide your hand in times where others tremble

Seek truth in whispers from the blind and quench their violent thirst

Wade gently into the abyss that streams from all the dreamers

And soften now, your words too few shall cast our spell at last


Wander now into our minds and seek the passions waiting

A burning ache to shine compels the strongest of our souls

The royal we seek shelter from the dark that could expose them

And ventures into wisdom end with bodies filling holes


Begin to savor all our lies that stem from poor creation

Dissever all the hearts from fantasies that cause regret

The planets will align and energies will be created

And now our children will survive the love we soon forget


Music of the moon holds sway for us that speak in moonlight

An aroma from the meadow paves the path for us to sin

And when it seems that nightmares rule the skies in which protect us

Fear not, for we hold all the keys to all the gates within

New Poem: The Aura of Melancholy 

The Aroma of Melancholy 
I taste the tragedy radiating from your eyes

The bitter sorrow leaking darkness from your lies

A meadow saddens hearts with quick decay 

And all the souls within the petals fade to grey
I fear your words now lust for lost deceit

Caresses learn to hide the sweet defeat

Embraces seem so empty and aloof

Detaching lips requires vital proof
I sense demise comes within our grasp

A fleeting charm that never seemed to cast

The silent footsteps draw so ever close 

Burning dreams that lay in quiet pose
I hear the moon cry gently in your tarnished hands

The voices of the forest seek our dreaded past

Melodic trances favor frosty fortunes lost in song Winds now carry broken vows condemned forever gone
I feel the whisper of a shadow at my feet

The death of autumn leaves upon my sheets

A melancholy drifting from your scent

As flowers fade to spring’s lament

New Poem: A Peaceful Sin

A Peaceful Sin


Her fingers soften earth beneath her

The blades of grass caress her mind

She stares blindly into the clouds above

Erasing all her sense of love and time

Whispers of the forest swoon her

Scents ignite her pores’ delight

The dreams and pleasures of the nightfall

Intertwine her for the bind of night

A vision rumbles through her fingers

The stillness of the breeze is Nye

She sets her sights on waters moving

She fears the storm is but a lie

The lake is gentle with her fortress

As trees provide her fruit of truth

Her mind now echoes chimes of death

Which cater to the sweet vermouth

At last her mind has summoned peace

And none the wiser shall despair

For twilight comes in classic lyric

And no surrender shall be fair

New Poem: A Soul in my hands

A Soul in my hands

Emerald sparkles of life, verdant beauty in berth

As the air settles sweet and warm upon cool earth

Brightly colorful thoughts weaving in and out of time
A sense of tangible quiet steals into the mind

It’s enticing to dream all the lives one could hold

The adventures of treasures and the passions untold

But reality claims all the love in our souls

And makes us forget that our songs have some goals


A vision of sin is observed through the trees

A heart without feeling floats along in the breeze

There’s temptation amiss when the clouds do not rain

And a fear of damnation at the sound of the flame


The blue sky grows weary as it tangles with fate

Words sharp as daggers converge the mistake

For a time it would seem that the moonlight is blind

But of course it’s the moon that seduces the kind


And here by the ocean the Emerald comes forth

Enticing the dreamers a dance to the north

Perfecting the chaos that allows us to plan

Allowing the birth of her soul in my hands